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September 10, 2012
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Riley hated her father for driving her and her sister to their new college.
-Why didn't you just let us take the damn bus?
-Riley, you know your sister hates taking those busses with both humans and giants on them.
That's right, their college was gonna be a co-ed one with giants and the school busses took both giants and human in them and the busses was also driving on the giant road.
Riley didn't care at all for the oversized people but her twin sister was scared of them.
At this college both her sister and Riley was gonna be first years, they had already sent their belongings there so their stuff would get arrenged into their new rooms or more like "houses".
The reason their dad had signed them up for a co'ed college was because you lived at this college, with a giant roommate. You would share a giant room which had a little "dollhouse" which the human would live in. This is what her father liked , since their father worked overseas he though that living at this college would do them good, even if it meant roomsharing with a giant it still would be better then being home alone.
-Ah!Were finnaly here! Her father turned off the car and looked up at the amazingly huge building. Even for being a school for both giants and humans the building was REALLY huge.
Riley stepped out of the car and so did her shy sister Ellie.
-Awesome! Riley said and looked up at the giant building.
It was a huge white building on 4 giant floors probably couse the rooms to the students was in the same building. Ellie didn't look quite amazed as her father and sister though and looked like she was gonna cry.
-Do we really have to live and sleep here?she cried out.
-There, there Ellie, her father who had also stepped out the car hugged Elllie.
-Im sure your gonna end up liking it here.
Ellie hugged back her father tightly and Riley watched them quietly.
Their mother had passed away when they were little and Riley had always had had a strong bond to her mother, not her father. Their father stopped hugging Ellie and walked to the car door.
-Well girls, I will now have to hurry to the airport i don't wanna be late for my flight, Riley take care of your sister! And with that he started the car engine and drove off.
Riley and Ellie watched the car disappear on the human road.
-Well, let's go inside and get paired up with our giant friends, Riley said with a sarcastic tone. Ellie chuckled a little and walked after her sister up to the huge building.

Inside there was filled with first years humans hurrying to the lunch hall where they was gonna get paired up with their roommate. The second and third years was already inside their classrooms. It was weird how they haven't seen a giant from the first years Riley thought to herself but just as she thought that a giant foot nearly stepped on her.
-Hey!Watch where your going!Riley yelled at the giant boy who had nearly stepped on her.
The giant boy then looked down on her and crouched down.
-Oh sorry, but i wasen't gonna step on you. Only over you, the giant said with a grin.
-Oh yeah?Well you should watch your steps and not nearly killing people, Riley said and glared up at the giant. The giant looked quite surprised from the words from one tiny human.
-H-Hey Riley we should go, Ellie said and pulled her sisters jacket.
-Yeah. But just as they were gonna go the giant grabbed Riley and lifted her up.
Ellie screamed but Riley remained completely calm.
-Put..Me.. down NOW she yelled up at the giant.
The giant looked at her with interest in hes eyes. Never had he met such a cocky girl and a human girl at that. Weren't they supposed to be afraid of giants like her sister was?
And yet this one had yelled at him withcout any sign of fright in her eyes.
-You sure have guts to talk back to someone atleast 20 times your own size he smirked.
-Well im not afraid of jerks, now put me down.
The giant chuckled but put her down.
He really was huge, Riley had been forced not to show her fear of heights when he had lifted her.
-Well cya later tiny, he chuckled and left them alone.
-Riley!Are you okay? Ellie's eyes were really worried and filled with tears.
-Yes, im fine Riley smiled. Let's keep on walking to the lunch room and get paired up shall we.

Inside the lunch hall there were huge giant tables and to the left there were a giant table with only human sized tables on it for the humans to sit and eat, there was a ladder to climb so the two sisters walked there. Riley looked around in the room seeing a couple of giants and some humans climbing up the ladder. She noticed the giant from earlier waving at her and smirking but she didn't mind him and instead climbed the ladder.
She and her sister took a empty table and seated themself there.
Everyone got quiet as a giant female entered the room with a human on her shoulders.
It was the headmaster which was human and her assistent who had her on her shoulders.
She had a tiny microphone around her ear and started speaking.
-Welcome students to your first year here at the academy. I hope you have all had a safe trip and a wonderful summer break. My name is Iris and this is my assistent Tina. she pointed at the giant she was on the shoulder on.
Today your gonna get paired up with your roommate and that's all for this week. The week will allow yourself to get used to a co'ed school and get to know your roommate. She took out a list out of her pocket and started reading out names, the human names first and then the giant who they got paired up with. The paired up giants walked up to the human table and took their human roommate in their palm and they walked out the room.
-Next up is Ellie whose roommate is Miya.
A giant female raised up from her seat in the back and walked to the human table.
-Hi ,im Miya pleased to meet you she said with a smile.
-H-hi, im Ellie...Pleased t-to meet you too.
And with that Miya smiled and put her palm up for Ellie.
Ellie turned to her sister who signaled to her sister to climb on.
Ellie gulped but climbed up the giant's hand and they left the lunch hall.
Riley was now alone. She wondered what type of giant she would get paired up with.
She didn't get to think about it long before her name was called on.
-Next up is Riley whose roommate is Teddy.
Teddy? Weird name she thought to herself. Was her roommate gonna be male? Teddy didn't sound very feminime. Not that it mattered to her, she was gonna live in a dollhouse the size of a real human house inside of her roommates giant room. she turned around to look at which giant inside the room would come to get her and nearly swallowed her tongue when she saw the giant from earlier raise up from hes seat and start walking up to her.
Was this a joke? Not only a guy but it also had to be him?!Seriously?He was the worst giant she had ever met! She could just feel the anger boil inside her.
-Seems we meet again tiny, he smiled.
-Pleased to meet you Teddy, Riley said with a scowl.
The giant named Teddy placed hes palm up but when Riley took so long to climb on he rolled hes eyes and grabbed her.
She yelped at the sudden movement and tried not to look down and Teddy burst out with a chuckle. He started moving just like that with her grabbed in hes hand.
Riley felt as if she wanted to throw up, this giant sure didn't know how to be gentle.
They walked the corridor until they came to their room, It said Riley&Teddy on the signed door. Teddy walked in and put Riley on the floor infront of the dollhouse.
-Damn, your really small he chuckled.
-No, it's you whose huge you jerk she said and walked her way up the stairs to the dollhouse.
she didn't wanna spend one more minute with him.
She was really an interesting girl Teddy thought to himself and smiled.
A little something i played with writing :3
No idea if I actually continue it XD I suck at writing :3

Chapter 2
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Happyfluffycat123 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
This is really good. Though one suggestion for improvement is that when someone is speaking to have speech marks like '' 
Sugumih Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
this was written a very very long time ago ^_^
moontiara Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
i really enjoy reading your stories  ^^
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Sugumih Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
Thank you ^w^
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Sugumih Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
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Sugumih Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
Thanks but long ago i wrote x''D sometimes you feel like you wanna delete thing you wrote a long time ago ._. also there is alot of typos with your and you're and etc...very very bad english grammar here v_v im guilty to that Q^Q
ThousandMileHorizon Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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